I went to a wedding this past weekend.  It was the first wedding I attended in the last half-decade in which I wasn’t required to be even remotely responsible.

The last two weddings I attended, I photographed.  The one before that, I was the best man.  Before that – photographed.  Before that – groomsman.  Before that… you get the point.

It’s interesting how the simple fact that there’s no pressure can affect one’s images.  In a normal circumstance, you’ve got to produce “the” pictures.  They’re the ones that are expected at every wedding:

  • full Full FULL F.U.L.L coverage of the ceremony
  • posed shots of every possible permutation of family members
  • pictures of every square inch of the reception hall
  • the enterance
  • the speech
  • the first dance
  • 17 kisses
  • the bouquet toss
  • etc.

Of course, once you get through the “standard” shots, the coverage of the receptions allows for a lot more flexibility.  Personal taste and an eye for the events ends up dictating the images.  But in the back of your mind you’re still considering the fact that it’s a paying client and you have to deliver (at least somewhat) expected images.  Oh – and your intake of alcohol is rather limited.

However, at a wedding of a close friend, where your only job is to party and drink, well… let’s just say that people are a lot less dependent on your work.

Laura and Ari booked a local photographer, my lovely girlfriend was the maid of honor, and the event coordinator had everything planned 6 ways from Sunday.  In fact, no matter how hard I tried to help out, there wasn’t really anything for me to do.

So, from the moment I got there I was pretty much left to my own devices.  Coupled with the fact that those involved were all friends of mine, I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding how I saw fit.  Not that some of the pictures weren’t ones I would have shot anyway, but I could focus more on the moment instead of what I was “expected” to focus on.

I’m rambling.  Here are some pictures.

– Jon

And yes – that dude legitimately has the Battle Toads, Bubble Bobble, and Mega Man tattooed on his right arm.  Awesome.

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