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Creating content isn’t just about conveying information. Sure, you need to let your audience know who you are and why they should care, but they also need to be entertained.

It’s like a documentary.

You know blue whales are the largest animals on the planet, that they breathe air, and that they eat krill. You could learn all that in a book. But, when you see a kayaker next to one, you grasp their size. When you watch them surface like a submarine and breathe mist thirty feet in the air, you understand how they hold their breath for so long. Once you’ve seen them feast on a swarm of krill the size of New York City, you begin to fathom just how much they eat. When all of this is conveyed through the rich, charismatic, timbre of David Attenborough’s voice, it becomes more than just knowledge.

It becomes an experience.

Each component matters, but it’s not the information, or the visuals, or the sound that does it. The parts of the whole are still just parts. But when the project coalesces and takes shape, it becomes something that grips your audience – something that delivers what they expected and leaves them with something unanticipated.

They get more than knowledge. They get a memory.


The key to a great mantra is adaptability and mine is two simple words. They propel my creativity, drive projects, launch client growth, and push my students forward.

“Keep Moving.”

It fosters the concept of “next.” What is the next technique I can master? How can we build on this project? How do I connect with a new industry? Where will technology be when I wake up tomorrow? I’m excited just talking about this.

I specialize in collaborations and relationships. I’m a long term kinda guy. Photo and video are just a means to an end. When a client and I team up to develop a project, we don’t view the end result as the finish line, it’s more like a mile stone. Where do we go from here? We just built something show-stopping, but the competition is still moving. How can we add to it? How can we transform it into part of something larger?

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