Back With the Best of Both Worlds!

Well hey there, folks!

Nope – I didn’t drop off the planet and I didn’t take a crew position on the H.M.S Galactica. In reality the answer’s a bit more boring.   Life’s been busy, projects have been in flux, and work’s been less visual and more consultation-based.

Over the last 6 months I’ve acquired some new clients, started fresh projects with previous clients, and been on a number of adventures.  Why, I even started teaching at an accredited institution and have been presenting a growing series of motivational presentations directed at upcoming professional creatives.  (So, I can safely say you should be expecting some content that’s excited to jab at your cerebral cortex.)

To kick things off, I’d like to showcase a recent project.  It took about a month to put together and ended up producing one of the best outtake reels I’ve ever shot. (That’s coming a bit later).

Going on a year and a half ago, I put out this post for a recently finished project.  Canine Resolution contracted me for a branding package, photo series, and promo packets.  It’s now 18 months later and video’s the name of the game.

I’ll give you a quick rundown.

Canine Resolution is the Metro Area’s best dog training institution.  No – really.  They just won 1st place in the 2014 Detroit A-list Competition for “Best Dog Trainer.” They work in all programs from puppy and the A.K.C Canine Good Citizen Program, to agility, scent training, and schutzhund (attack training). Their program shuns shock collars or negative reinforcement and promotes simultaneous training of owner and dog.  All things considered, it’s pretty awesome.

So, let your eyeballs be entertained and soak in the official Canine Resolution Commercial.

– Jon

Ride ‘Em

It’s Labor Day weekend.  I ate a burger that was larger than what should have been able to fit in my stomach.  I drank beer…

And I went to a rodeo.

I feel excessively American right now.

All and all it was certainly a unique experience.  The rodeo circuit is a culture I was, up until now, completely unfamiliar with.  There we speed races, bronco ridin’, calf wranglin’, and bucking bull riding’.  The craft services pretty much paired with a local festival or fair.

The lead rodeo clown was a bit of a pleasant surprise – he actually had a comedy routine.  Furthermore, he was pretty funny.

This really all pales in comparison to the action.  I was expecting some flailing and danger and whatnot, but…   OK – here’s the lineup:

  • Steer wrestling:  These guys ride on their horse along side a steer, fly off the back of the horse, land on the steer, tackle it to the ground, tie it up…
  • Steer wranglin’:  One step better – the old rope and horn routine where they ride behind the steer and try to lasso it.  The dude got the steer, jumped off his horse, and body slammed a cow.  I know – that snuck up on you fast.  Let me recap so you can absorb it – HE BODY-SLAMMED A COW.
  • Bull riding:  Well you know what that is, but did you know you’re allowed to stand RIGHT next to the fence?  I had my camera INSIDE THE RING.  That didn’t count for much though because the second they opened the paddock, the rider got thrown and slammed between a 6 foot steel fence and half a ton of rampaging bull.

It was awesome.  I want to go again.  Here are some pictures.

– Jon

The urban surfer

A bit ago I had the opportunity to shoot some subject matter I had been lacking: a full-on skateboarding promo campaign.

My cousin is a fairly skilled longboarder.  (For those of you who don’t know – long boarding is like a cross between skateboarding and surfing, all preformed on – you guessed it –  a long board.)

He actually won the board.  It was a literary competition illustrating why each entrant love long boarding and should win the board.  Mike Strong won.  This thing is worth hundreds of dollars.  It’s a big deal.

The problem is that we both live in Michigan… and Mike won his Loyal Dean board in December.

Basically he had to stare at it an wait for almost 5 months.  So, when spring rolled around, we hit the asphalt.  He busted some moves and gave the board a run for its money.

Check out some of the series!

– Jon

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Kansas or Bust.

For those who are unaware – I am currently a student at the Art Institute of Michigan in Novi.  We have a heck of a team of upper level photo students.

This term, 3 of our fellow students participated in the SkillsUSA regional competition for photography.  Brian Doig won silver and Ryan Schafer pulled in a gold.  (That’s 1st in the state, people!)  Now – the national competition in Kansas is looming, and we need to get Ryan to the competition.

A FundRazr account has been established for the cause and needs some support.  Please swing over to the donations page and drop in a couple bucks, if you can.

Also – be sure to check out GO RYAN GO – a Facebook page helping him get to Kansas.  To keep up to date on some stuff our group has been keeping up with recently – swing by our page and quench your curiosity. – (PHOTOCLUB)