These are straight-up “know them” types of folks.  Check ’em out, that way when you see their name splashed across a world-changing photo, you can say something like “I know that dude(tte)!”  Their stuff’s awesome!


I’m pretty sure Koen sees a setting when he’s out walking around and thinks of something that begins with “Wouldn’t it be interesting if…”  Then he makes that thought into a picture.


The very defentition of old school and someone you should thank.  Seb almost single-handedly pioneered digital manipulation, when he started dabbling with the concept on the 80’s.  Be amazed.


Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe Ben’s images.  From what I can tell, he somehow manages to record his dreams and turn them into images when he wakes up.


Chris is super-cool.  I was fortunate enough to attend a presentation he did once.  If you want to see what a graphic novel would look like in real-life, check him out.


This dude can light.  Straight up.  Blair shoots people and what moves them.  If you haven’t heard of him before, you’re missing out.


When I was just starting out, I ran a Google image search for “awesome black and white photography.”  Cole came up.  Yeah – GOOGLE thinks he’s awesome.  He might be related to Ansel Adams.  OH – Here’s his blog:


You’ve probably heard of this guy.  Let’s put it this way – ever look at a picture and say “How complicated was THAT to put together?”  Well if Dave shot it, the answer is:  VERY.


Santa is the nicest human being in the entire world.  She also has the ability to take the gruff exterior of a fortune 500 CEO and crush it like tinfoil.  This lady’s awesome.  She could make Chuck Norris smile (when he didn’t want to).


Jill’s work ranges from movie stars, to musicians, to….. monkeys.  Really awesome monkeys.  If you looked at a portrait and said “oh cool!”  There’s a good chance you’re looking at one of her pictures.


If power was determined by how many important people you’ve met, the rest of us would have given up.  Basically, Platon can look into his subjects’ soul and get the shot no one has gotten of that person before…  and he an do it in like 5 minutes.


HOO BOY!  You wanna know how to light on location and have it look real?  Like really really real?  Talk to Greg.  Wanna get more images on the cover of TIME than you can count?  Too bad, Greg cornered that market.  Oh – and Greg is absolutely HILARIOUS.


Rosh is a bit of a unique case.  He is a photographer after all, but that’s not what you’d gather from hearing the chatter.  If you want to apply a title to Rosh’s knowledge of web presence, blogging, internet legality, self branding, and every single other thing that will make you completely successful in today’s market, I’d say that title would be “guru.”  … … No.  Maybe “Master-Super-Absolute-Ultra-Guru.”  Yep, that sounds better.    Check out Rosh.  Follow him (not in the supermarket – that’s creepy).  Buy his book   –   What’s your “And?”


These people aren’t people per say.  Well kind of – some of them.  Just check them out.

You like off-camera flash?  Why are you still here?  You should be on Strobist.  Go on – shoo.

I’m pretty sure this is self-explanatory.  You got a set of Lego Mindstorm?  Well then you can pretty much build anything you want.  GET SCIENCEY!

Catch up on the goings-on in your photographically-oriented world.  It’s news.  It’s NOW.  IT’S MODERN!

This is easily one of my favorite blogs.  Want to learn some high-end product photography techniques?  Stop over and have your mind blown.

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