I’ll set the scene:

In a meeting with a prospective client for a totally unrelated job.

Client: (realization crosses face) “You know, I have a project I’m working on. You might be a good match. We need a video that promotes this guy I know – something that we can use to get him featured in (local magazine).”

Me: “Sounds good. What kind of video are we talking about.”

Client: “Well, I’ve known him for a couple years. He’s actually a professional…”

Me: (intrigued) “…”

Client: “…”

Me: (Internally) A professional what? Chef, beekeeper, astronaut?

Client: “… Accordion player.”

Me: “… That… was not how I expected that sentence to end. I’m in.”

So I shot an interview of a professional accordionist. The first time I met him, it was to shoot B-Roll while he played for the International Food Festival at Nino Salvagio’s.

He was the guy in a tux with an accordion.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet James Rand.


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