In case you didn’t know, I love animals. It’s gotten to the point that I’ll count out the approximate footsteps and speed of movement necessary to “accidentally” cross paths with a dog and owner walking vaguely toward me from a quarter mile away.

Yep – I’m “that guy.”

Anyway, when I found out that the upstairs neighbor has 4 ferrets, it was a weird form of mental overload. Have you ever lain on the ground while a pack of cat-snakes crawled all over you like so much Gulliver? It’s pretty much the awesomest thing ever.

Weird thing about ferrets (I’m assuming it’s all ferrets and not just these ones): they love stealing things. ALL the things. I’ve watched one of them drag a  boot 3-times its size across the living room and under the couch (took something like 10 minutes). Of course there’re also plungers. They love plungers. I don’t get it either. I watched one of the ferrets steal the plunger from the bathroom, drag it through 3 rooms, and stash it behind the Christmas tree. He didn’t want to give it back.

With the combination of 4 fur-covered water weenies, a rather eclectic wardrobe, and an inhuman amount of energy, the neighbor was perfect fodder for a hilarious picture. Check ’em out!

– Jon

2014-12-23 Tara and Ferrets_DSC8666 2014-12-23 Tara and Ferrets_DSC8667

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