It’s that time of year again… well it’s “that” time of year twice a year I suppose…

Every October and February I, along with my lovely assistant/girlfriend/fellow photographer, attend the local nursing home’s holiday dance. Sanctuary at Fraser Villa is a division of the Trinity Health System. There’s an autumn-themed party and a Valentine’s day shindig. You’ll find food, family, a live swing orchestra, and a group of young gentlemen to escort the residents to the dance floor (usually students from the local high schools or a Boy Scout troup).

Each party, JonKPhoto sets up a photo booth and puts together a video. It’s pretty straight-forward, but it’s also quite fun. In a living situation where social activities are only once in a while, it seems like the whole community shows up when a big party happens. It’s also cool to see the same residents each time and to see them still on the dance floor, having a good time.

Check out this video from the “2015 Sweetheart Dance at Fraser Villa!”

– Jon

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