One of the benefits of food photography is that after the shoot has wrapped, you’re usually left with a rather substantial supply of delectables. I just found myself in possession of nearly 4 dozen cookies the size of my fist.

Once in a while it’s nice to know the universe is listening.

I’ve been shooting product and food for about 10 years now. For most of that time it was a sporadic, secondary income. Over the last year I’ve made a business shift, and now focus entirely on stylized, cinematic, food and product photography. (And dogs as well, but that’s a story for a different day). Not a week after officially rolling the new business model, I received a referral for just such a project.

(Let folks know what you’re up to – it pays off.)

A financial expert with a passion, you can tell from the first time you meet her, Rebecca is all-in. This company went from zero to delicious in something like 3 months. I’m not talking the “business” aspect. I mean she went from essentially no culinary background whatsoever to fully-realized in about 90 days.

2017-11-21 Rebecca Abel Portraits_DSC2163

She bakes cookies – BIG cookies. Like “You can share this cookie with a friend” kind of big.

Also, they are REALLY good. I pride myself on my own cookie baking skills and I’ll tell you that these make me feel like I’m working with a Hasbro Easy-Bake Oven… I feel kinda cookie-threatened.

We discussed setup, style, and theme. The end result was that each of the images would have 3 cookies in it. There are 11 flavors. That’s 33 cookies. There is also a 12-cookie gift basket. I have 45 cookies the size of my fist. The photography is done, and now they’re just sitting here-staring at me.

Check out D’vine Cookies and order yourself a few mood-boosters!

Enjoy these home-baked pics. I’m gonna go exhibit the largest amount of self-control I’ve ever mustered.

– Jon

Gotta get that composition and light just right.

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One of our stars got damaged during transport – time for a bit of makeup.

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The Lineup

2017-11-21 DVine Cookie Product Photos_All Cookies

Group Photo!

2017-12-27 DVine Cookie Product Photos_ Baskets

The Maestro

2017-11-21 Rebecca Abel Portraits_DSC2227

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