Basic Camera Function Resources


Business Resources

  • The 3 Leading Organizations for Professional Photographers (Organizations that provide support, knowledge, advocacy, and member benefits for Commercial Photography, Wedding & Family Photography, Fine Art Photography)
  • Example Commercial Photography Paperwork 
    • I’m a big advocate on transparency and knowledge-sharing. If the photographic industry is better-educated on proper business practices, it sets the bar higher and helps all of us operate on a more professional level. This packet includes a template of the paperwork I use for standard commercial photography. Specifically, this was from an environmental portraiture shoot. It includes: Estimate, Confirmation, Change Order, Delivery Memo, Invoice, Terms & Conditions, and a Project Expense Checklist. Please feel free to use it as inspiration or as a basis for your own paperwork.
  • ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography (purchasable through Amazon)
    • This book is essential in a photographer’s business toolbox. It covers everything from marketing and pricing your work to licensing, copyright, releases, and negotiating tactics. Bonus: you can get it used for something like 5 bucks.
  • Top Model Release – A mobile app that allows you to carry a digital release with you everywhere you go.


Online Tutorials

Business Resources

  • Pricing Your Work in 2016 – Commercial photographer and online media guru, Rosh Sillars has released his most recent yearly write up on the state of the industry and pricing considerations all photographers or media buyers should consider.

Artist Statement/Business Building Exercises 

Printed Materials

  • Blurb – Print custom designed photo books
  • Smartpress – A wide range of quality printed materials at very low prices (amazing customer service and turnaround time)
  • PrintPlace – A wide range of quality paper-based printed promotional materials at very low prices (excellent customer service and turnaround time)
  • Detroit Print Shop – A wide range of quality printed materials (best value for quality business cards)
  • 4 Imprint – A massive selection of custom-printed promotional giveaways (incredible customer service)

Royalty Free / Stock Media

  • Envato Marketplace – Anything from audio and vectors, to photo, video, code, and website themes (very very cost-effective)
  • Vimeo Music Store – User-submitted audio that falls under Creative Commons Licensing (very low prices)
  • Audio Sparx – Royalty-free audio that sounds like popular music (great selection but a bit pricey)
  • Aalborg Soundtracks – Free-to-use instrumental music for non-commercial productions (small selection, but it’s free)
  • FreeSound – User-submitted audio files that are free to use (massive library of non-music sound effects)
  • Creative Commons – Learn about the best licensing movement for the creative industry
  • Moby Gratis – Moby licenses a ton of his music for student, personal, and non-profit media (It’s free, but take time to get permission – plan accordingly)

Low Cost Designer Resource Files

  • Mighty Deals – Continually changing selection of severely reduced cost files: fonts, vectors, icons, web site themes, plugins, software, eBooks, online course, etc.
  • Design Cuts – Packs of quality design project components at rock-bottom prices.

Free-Use Program-Specific Files

Informative Websites

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